Who Are We ? 



CLCF was established to provide and build leadership and support within the Christian community.  Its corporate structure has been serving the Delmarva area since 1976.


  • As a trusted steward of the resources of its financial supporters for four decades, CLCF shares its human, financial and facility resources and skills with Christian ministries, para-ministries and non-profits.  CLCF serves to be a stronghold for our communities - protecting, preserving and perpetuating the Christian perspective – a voice for Christ for today and for future generations.  

  • We connect needs with resources.  

  • We provide direct financial assistance and help identify grant resources, write grant applications and teach how to administer grant funds.   

  • We provide guidance, mediation and assistance.   Events will include an array of workshops and seminars, as well as one-on-one sessions, covering diverse subjects – from grant writing to organizational development, from stewardship to outreach, from strategic mission planning to business ABCs.  CLCF serves as a hub for connecting needs with resources.

  • Through CLCF you are able to invest personal and organizational legacies to positively impact the continuance of Christian purposes within our region for decades to come!

Debbie Byrd
Executive Director


P.O. Box 2056

Salisbury, MD 21802-2056 


T: 410-251-4028


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