• Deborah Byrd

2016 Community Impact Update

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

CLCF worked earlier this year to draft and file applications with various grant agencies to help Delmarva ministries. Two grant awards were received that are having a huge impact!

* $20,000 was received from the Humphrey's Foundation to benefit the work and needs of the Christian Shelter, located in Salisbury. Added to the $25,000 direct grant provided by CLCF, $45,000 has been provided to the Christian Shelter this year!

* $27,550 was received from the Humphrey's Foundation to benefit the work and needs of the new StandFast addictions recovery program operating as an adjunct of Spence Baptist Church in Snow Hill. Weekly addictions meetings are held in Snow Hill and Berlin and a Phase III residential facility is located near Snow Hill for individuals who have completed the six month Phase I and six month Phase II programs out of Calvary Chapel's Seven Oaks program in Maine. Daniel Freeman of Snow Hill leads this effort.

Further, a CLCF direct grant of $3,000 has been awarded to LifeMark Christian counseling to help with expenses for a pastors and spouses retreat to be held this winter.

A CLCF direct grant of $3,600 was awarded to Delaware Strong Families to allow six area teens to attend the Patriot Academy at Legislative Hall in Dover. The Patriot Academy couples curriculum directed towards the foundations of the United States Constitution with the tenets of the Christian faith to encourage young people in careers in public service.

In conjunction with the Kevin Hendricks family (DQ), two $1,000 scholarships were awarded to Delmarva students heading to college this fall (see Scholarship page on this site).

In early October, CLCF is sponsoring a two-day QuickBooks seminar geared towards ministry and non-profits.

CLCF is currently working on several grant/funding opportunities intended to help with a marriage retreat, an annual summer beach ministry, and the continuing issue of homeless in the region and is working to provide generalized coaching to both start-up and existing ministries.

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